Wednesday, January 12, 2011

crepes and chicken, not together

First off, I'm not a good cook, I just like talking, reading, and experimenting with recipes. Cooking is a hobby but I'm only on a beginner level. Today while we were shut in, yes the blizzard roars on, I messed around in the kitchen,
If you combine -
1 cup flour
2 eggs
1 cup milk
a pinch of salt
2 tabs melted butter
They turn out like crepes (very thin), and I'm thinking you could go in a savory or sweet direction. We ate 'em as pancakes but the recipe could be the foundation for all sorts of things.

I marinated chicken in some buttermilk overnight, when I got ready to cook it, I drained the buttermilk. If the weather wasn't so poor, my poultry would have gotten the buttermilk.

I crunched some Rice Chex, threw in some seasonings, rolled the chicken. I can't eat the cheapo chicken in the grocery store anymore, besides the whole factory farming issue, to me the chicken has a terrible texture and taste.

because I flipped the chicken during cooking, some of the crunch fell off.

I made some gravy from the pan drippings, turned out tasty. The chicken was very moist.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm! Looks good! Do you harvest your own chickens for meat?
We make crepes around here all the time. For us it's a comfort food. Must be because our other favorite bread is tortillas. I guess you could say we really like flat bread. lol!

Stay warm and enjoy the yummy food :)


Barbara said...

Mmmmmm, gravy. Curious as well, Do you raise and butcher your own chicken meat?

Nancy K. said...

OOOooooo! That DOES look good! I'm making chicken soup. My pigs will get all the trimmings with their breakfast tomorrow...

Louise said...

No fair! I'm reading this before I have had breakfast. Now I'm hungry for chicken crepes. Not exactly breakfast food, though, and WAY beyond my ability to prepare.

Holly said...

Yum, I love crepes and the chicken looks good too. If you want the chicken crisp on both sides, I learned a tip.Put one of those racks you cool cookies on, on top of a cookie sheet and then place your chicken, fish, pork chop or whatever you want crisp on the rack. The air flows all around the food and keeps it crisp. I bet the goats are hating the weather. Of all my stock, the goats are the biggest pansies.

Flartus said...

I love me some fried chicken! Great winter comfort food. And crepes are so easy, once you get the hang of 'em. You can make them up ahead of time for filling later.

In France, crêperies serve entire meals in crêpes and galettes, which are heavier and made with buckwheat. The savory ones can have eggs, ham, cheese,'s the limit. The traditional drink is hard cider.

Gloria said...

LOOKS GREAT to me!!! I have never made crepes. My Mother always roll chicken in an egg and than in flour. Salt and pepper. Than skillet fry. She was raise on a farm in Ohio.

Jennifer said...

That looks delicious! We just got our first chicken! She is sort of a rescue, I don't think she even lays eggs anymore but she is friendly and fun. Hoping to write about her today or tomorrow. Thanks for the recipes!