Saturday, January 22, 2011

I like redheads

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
Bourbon Red Turkeys
Rhode Island Red Chickens

5 of our 7 bucks

We bought 40 more bales of hay today.

Pied Guinea's


Brenda said...

Awwww ... I love meeting the critters around your farm. I think you're right. You like em red!

I'm headed out to get a load of hay too.

Peggy said...

love seeing all your critters. LOL I am having fun getting into the Nigerian Dwarf herd. After having Nubians its taken a little adjustment with them but love the little things. Have a blessed weekend.

Michaele said...

Love the photos! The animals are lucky not to have too much snow.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Were you over my way..??

Louise said...

I see Bennie's head is still red. Is he settling in any better?

Cat said...

Being that I raise Rhode Island Reds, can't imagine why you would like 'em. Yes, and I had a red llama, too.

Cat. (Who USED to be a redhead. Sorta silvery red, now...)

Nancy K. said...

I have a soft spot for "moorit" (reddish-brown) Shetland sheep as well.

And I've always thought that I should have been a redhead. I've got the complexion. Well, except that I do tan. But I look great with red hair.

Enjoy your redheads!

Flartus said...

$3.50 a bale, and they just tear into it like it's...grass. ;)

So are the toms getting along now? It still looks cold there; hope everybody's ready for the next round of Winter Crap headed our way!

Yellow Wolf Farm said...

I found you a miniature pig that is red-they are called Julianas and they stay really tiny. They come in red with black spots and white with black spots and they are only about $3,000 each! I think you need TWO!!!

Kelly said...

I love redheads too. Animals and people. I know what you mean about the price of hay. We are spending $160 every two weeks on round bales and it would be even more expensive if we went to square bales. I will be glad when spring comes and grass sprouts. We have to have another plan next winter.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Bkue Ridge Boomer - no, got this in Watauga Co

I guess Bennie is doing a little better, but Franklin and Jefferson were chasing him around today.

YellowWolf - I'll lok up Juliana pigs. Just $3,000?

Chai Chai said...

Blue eyed Lucy is a real beauty.

Farmgirl_dk: said..., too... (my husband's a redhead) :-)

Paula said...

$3.50 A BALE!!!!! I pay $7.00! We use about a bale a day through the winter months. The horses go out on pasture in April. Your critters look great!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just love a little red hen!

Wow! Your hay is cheap! OUrs runs between $7-9 a 2-string bale.


Jill said...

We like redheads too- oh, say, .did you know that my littlest human kid is a blue-eyed Lucy? Love your blog, by the way!