Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the snow is on the outhouse...

we've got the snow a blowin' today
When the snow is on the outhouse,
And the frost is on the seat;
It’s then that nature’s duty calls
And you move with hurried feet!

You don’t have time to shovel,
So you waller through the snow;
And you don’t need a weatherman
To know it’s four below!

You make a quick deposit
And tear a page or two
Of last year’s mail house catalog –
Or even corn cobs will do!

Then to the house and fireside
You hurry without fail…
With frozen stuff hanging from your nose
And frostbite on your tail!


Nekkid Chicken said...


I will never forget my Nanner's place back in Bama as a child. Scared to go in there, afraid something would crawl on you, terrified a critter might bite you. Oh, the joys of the out house!!! I will never forget.

Hey Girl, Have you ever read:

THE EGG and I? Google it, Ma & Pa Kettle series came from that story. One of my all time favs.

Sandy said...

Too funny! The wind made feeding tonight brutal.

Louise said...

Joanna! That was great! Brrrrr.

Louise said...

Oh, and thanks for the concern. It is much appreciated. But, I take very good care of myself when I am outdoors. I have my phone, and my treking poles. Plus, my terminology may have been a bit deceiving. That "spit of land" is big enough to have houses, restaurants and a road on it.

Michaele said...

That is good! Thanks for the chuckle.

Brenda said...

Very funny. I remember Grandma's outhouse. It was cold in the winter time!

Nancy K. said...

Oh, those poor souls!
I probably would have exploded from failing to 'empty bodily waste'!

Mom L said...

I think I remember one from rural PA when I was very little, but mostly I remember hearing the tales of my dropping a kitten down the hole. Don't worry - story is it survived, but Dad had a hell of a time rescuing it!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Farmgirl_dk: said...!
I can't even imagine. You two are of hearty stock! My Oregon pansy a$$ wouldn't survive. lol

thecrazysheeplady said...

You're a nut :-D

Flartus said...

As soon as as I saw the title of your post, I thought, "That would make a really great Southern Rock song!"

I saw your question a few posts back about what kind of dog Rosie is, but I ignored it for a reason...I was waiting to find out! And now I'm running a giveaway to see if anyone can guess. Wanna take a shot? :)

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh dear, Joanna - it looks COLD!

We had near 80s today - keep waiting for the big storms to hit.

Stay indoors!