Thursday, January 6, 2011

from my house, this morning

Snow is forecasted through next Tuesday. At the office, we have a pool going - When will the County School system be back in session? Appalachian State University, however, rarely closes.
Usually wind accompanies snow, so we hardly ever see snow laying in the trees, this was a quiet snowfall.
Our road out. I drove/slid out today but may have to park at the inlaws tonight and walk up.

Our view.

From local folks, as they are shaking their heads, the most frequently asked question, why do y'all live off the beaten path? Because it's a paradise for our goats, poultry, dogs, and wildlife. And for us too, once we get there.
take joy in ever creature,
embrace them,
as brother and sister


Brenda said...

What a beautiful view! You can almost hear the quiet of the forest with the snow wrapped around everything.

Anonymous said...


It would be so easy for me to hybernate inside where you live.
Looks like it is a good day to do some baking.

I personally made a Red Lentil Soup today.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh myyyyy.... stay safe and keep warm!

Gloria said...

You be careful walking back up that hill. I hope you remembered to take your Kahtoola Micro spikes with you today.

Great day to make homemade veg soup!

Beautiful view of the hill, just like a post card or Christmas card.

Kelly said...

Beautiful! We are expecting snow again Fri and Sat. I moved to Maine to have this weather. I love it. Of course Ted complains when he has to plow the driveway. Don't feel sorry for him, he has a darn tractor for goodness sakes. LOL Happy and Safe snow days.

Louise said...

All that beauty does make up for a little inconvenience, doesn't it. You may have to walk up from the in-laws, but you'll be walking in the quiet woods, breathing good, clean air. What a lovely way to unwind, after a hard day at work.

Foothills Poultry said...

I would love to be out and away from everyone. Just me and the chickens.


Melodie said...

LOL! Only us hermit types can understand the love of "off the beaten path" !

Texan said...

The pictures are pretty, but can I say I am glad this is at your house and not mine? brrrrrr

Stay warm!

Flartus said...

Oh my, it's so beautiful up there. I'm glad you find it worth all the slipping and sliding! I don't know if I'd have the backbone to make thanks for sharing your views!

Paula said...

I love the smell of fresh snow and the quietness in the woods! Just beautiful!