Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gabbi's Boys and LowCarb Lasagna

On Wednesday evening, Gabbi freshened with 3 bucklings. Her TN family is having a hospital stay,so she is back staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Now we have 5 young bucklings running around and Jack couldn't be happier.

Jack lays down and hopes the babies come over to him.

If the babies walk away, he begs them to come back.

Tennessee Sandy suggested we go on a lowcarb diet. Sandy and I also work together now and usually can go to lunch together so encouraging and comparing notes makes it fun.

This morning I decided to make a lowcarb lasagna. I have cooked gound beef as the bottom layer and added cauliflower. I did not blanche the cauliflower because I like to keep some of the texture.  The marinara sauce only has 4 carbs.

I now have added ricotta cheese and the marinara sauce.

Mozzarella and garlic and herbs.

Mike has now had 3 helpings and says it is an award-winning, Iron-Chef worthy dish. And yet, I forgot the put in the PARMESEAN!!!


Tree Hugger - Suzan said...


Flartus said...

Love Jack--"Please come play with me, pleeease??" What a stunning combination; black Gabbi with her nearly all-white triplets. Pretty cool!

Kelly said...

Such sweet little bucklings. So tiny. The lasagna looks really tasty too.

Charlotte said...

Love the new kids. I may try the lasagna. I'm always looking for ways to hide vegetables in my husband's meals.

Mom L said...

Heh heh!!! I thought LowCarb Lasagna was a new goatie name!!!

Gabbi's boys are adorable, and I love how Jack loves the babies.

Nancy in Iowa

Mary Ann said...

Oooo the lasagna looks GOOD and we like cauliflower! We just can't eat that much anymore, though!

The bucklings are adorable, and it is so nice that Jack is so good to them.

Paula said...

The babies are adorable! And Jack! What a sweetheart! Great pics as usual. Why do animals never take a bad picture? Your friend is right...carbs are the enemy! Unfortunately, we love carbs at our house...bread and pasta...yum! If you are goint to use this dish on Iron Chef, you may want to consider renaming your dish, Califlower Parmesean...usually it's the noodles that make lasagna, lasagna. Of course, you will need to remember the parm cheese! :)

Campbell Kids said...

I love the babies! Adorable! And I will have to try this low-carb lasagna for sure.

Sharon/primthyme said...

They are so cute & playful !