Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8 Saturday

Our outstanding livestock-gaurdian dogs
one-eyed JackBadger and BarbaraJean.

The leaf-lookers flocked in here this weekend.
"No spring or summer beauty has such grace,
as I have seen in one Autumnal face."

John Donne.

GingerBreadGirl's Bully
and one of Gabbi's white bucklings
went to a new home in Spruce Pine, NC today.
The family had big plans to spoil them rotten. 

We had a beautiful sunset this evening,
but my cheapo camera didn't do it justice.


Kelly said...

No where on earth is as beautiful as NC in the fall. I'm sorry that they come but if I could I would be one of them. I'm glad that the kids are going to a good home that will spoil them. All goats should be spoiled!

Holly said...

Wow! What a phynomenal sunset. The full moon tipped it over the edge of beautiful.

John Gray said...

another year has almost gone by eh?x

Mom L said...

I don't care if your camera is a cheapo special; it, with your eye, did a fantastic job!! I hope you've framed it for hanging in your home. I've about decided that my next move will be to NC, but near Asheville. Hopefully in a year. Maybe I'll finally get to meet you after I move!!!
Nancy in Iowa

Carol said...

In the late 60's I worked for a small animal vet. One day he sent me to pick up a Great White Pyrenees. It was huge and wanted to stand with it's front feet in my lap and look out my window..I was driving. What a trip! I couldn't believe how much it looked like a big white puppy. What a face...and you have 2. Didn't know they were good herd dogs..