Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunny Sunday

The reason I haven't been blogging more often is because BLOGGER is not user friendly compared to FaceBook. If you want to join me on FaceBook = Joanna BooneDocks Wilcox.
My photo's for this writeup didn't come out in the order that I hoped. I'd rearrange 'em but I'm mad it Blogger right now.
This one of our bucks, red Merlot.

It's breeding time for Spring Shows.

Peach is very sick, she is getting large doses of penicillan. Don't know if she will recover or not. She likely has Listeria.  

Last weekend we were in Raleigh at the NC State Fair Dairy Goat Show. We did fairly well and had a good time. No, Peach, who was healthy but too fat to walk the runway, didn't go and stayed home with her Mama, SweetPea.

see that beautiful table-top  back?

Peach showed slight improvement today, she ate a little, and drank a little, but her prognosis is not good.


Mary Ann said...

I am so sorry about Peach, she's a very pretty goat, and it's hard to loose an animal you like. I'll cross my fingers for her. I love to look at the pictures of your herd, Joanna!

Dot said...

Poor Peach. Sending best wishes for her recovery. Glad you are back.

Foothills Poultry said...

Your goats always look so happy. I hope Peach can recover.


Denise said...

I feel so sorry for Peach. Hope she gets better fast. Hate to see any animal in pain.

Mahala said...

I meant to write before to tell you I went to one of your "favorite" blogs, Noble Pig, and made the recipe for Streusel topped Pumpkin Chocolate Muffins and they are SPECTACULAR!!! I used the Hershey's Special Dark chips and the mix was perfect. Super easy and super moist.

Carol said...

You have more than material have a life that many of us envy.