Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday - checking in

for folks that have trouble commenting, it's BLOGGER, I've given up trying to comment on other blogs, too frustrating.
Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
After a long, hard week at the office, this weekend is just what the doctor ordered - beautiful fall weather, hanging with the goats, sleeping in, and eatin' good.
Home-Sweet-Home. You're looking down on the BooneDocksWilcox homestead, we don't have much in material possessions but we love this land.

Mike leading the way for the goat girls and pyreenes pair.

red Cali

Peach is still recovering. I notice she eats slowly on tender plants.
Don't know if her tongue is working normally.

You see the Blue Ridge in the background?

Is SweetPea knocked up? She certainly isn't supposed to be. 

Cherry, our new girl, hasn't stopped eating since she arrived here.

If she is pregnant, she is so grounded! I don't even know who the baby Daddy would be for registering the kids. I certainly don't want winter babies. To register the kids, I'd have to get DNA tests done $$$.
SweetPea  was my first love in goats, she's spoiled rotten, and always been trouble. Remember the $700 C-section 2 years ago?

Mike's little neice says, "Ba-Ba-Jean."

I was racking leaves, the wash tub was to put in the leaves, and pull the tub over to the compost pile JACK.


Mary Ann said...

Love your photos as usual, and Barbara Jean and Jack are getting BEAUTIFUL!

Charlotte said...

These photos are wonderful. I love ND goats too.

Sandy said...

That JackBadger is one handsome boy!!!