Friday, November 25, 2011

$$ spent on Black Friday

$$ spent on Black Friday was hay for the goats. Winters can be long, snowy, and cold up here. We now have enough hay stored to get us through next June - 100 bales. We picked up another 33 bales from our hay man this morning.

bales coming up the conveyer to the hayloft

Mike was reinforcing fences. Our livestock guardian dogs,
Jack and BarbaraJean,
basically sleep all day and work all night, 

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Charlotte said...

I know your goats will be glad for the hay. How many goats do you have? I wish I had bought all the hay I needed back in June. The price is outrageous here after the drought. But we won't get snowed in and winter will be short, so I just have to fork out the high dollars for a short time. What makes me mad is I knew it was coming. But this is my first year with goats. I'll get better.