Friday, October 12, 2012

"new" car

good ole one-eyed Jack Badger


Mike got a "new" car today.
Looks good for it's age and mileage doesn't it? 2004 with 77,000 miles. Pearl, my 1995 Toyota T100 truck was buried today. I loved that truck more than most people. She fell apart due to rust. Was lucky to get a $1,500 trade-in on this Subaru, because the only value she had for the dealership was for scrap metal.
BarbaraJean wants to go for a ride if it's not a trip to the Vet.

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Evergreen Junk Cars said...

I'm sorry to hear for your loss, I know how attachment to something inanimate is, I've felt it my entire life as a person I connected more with things I put symbolism in, more then people. Shes in a better place now, though. And hey, 1,500$!

-David Enabulele
Cash For Cars Atlanta