Friday, November 23, 2012

no Black Friday shopping for me

Sister-inlaw Sandy and her faithful dog, Cain

This quilt includes James' (Mike's father that passed in Aug 2012) favorite Tshirts, Mike's mother, Mary, has it hanging on a wall at the top of the stairs in her home.

Mike and I ate at our favorite restaurant for lunch. I never need a menu, when I walk in, the staff knows I'm getting the soup-of-the-day and the daily special on the chalkboard. I like whatever the cook is in the mood to fix, its usually a pasta with lots of herb essence. How little Boone, a small university town, attracted these Italians, I'll never know, the food is not the usual predictable fare, especially if you order from the chalkboard. Amalfi of Boone  (828) 386-1137  957 Rivers St  Boone,NC28607

Back home, a new load of pumpkins that we picked up from Mary and Sandy's front yard.

BarbaraJean is recovering just fine until we have to shove pills down her throat - some antibiotics and a pain pill.

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Dot said...

So happy to see BJ home at last! She is going to be just fine. Thanks for all the great photos.