Sunday, November 4, 2012

still munching on punkins

I didn't blog about it but on Monday night through Tuesday, we had a snowstorm. An offshoot of Hurricane Sandy I suppose.  Appalachian State University closed on Tuesday so we had the day off; spent the day watching Turner Classic Movies.

A Rhode-Island-Red hen enjoying her pumpkin.

BarbaraJean needs to have that leg removed. Our Vet wants BJ to come to her home office in Abington, VA (rather than satellite office in Mtn City, TN) for the procedure and keep BJ for a couple of days.

One of our six nephews stopped by for a visit.
Here is Savva
on his wedding day, July 21, 2012.
Savva, his Grandfather James,
and brother and best man, Demetre.
James, Mike's father, died on Aug 11, 2012. 


Mary Ann said...

Your nephew looks so handsome... and I'm sorry about Barbara Jean, but hopefully, she'll adjust to life on the mountain with just three legs.

Kelly said...

Sorry about the bad foot. Hope everything goes well. Sweet nephew coming to see Grand on his wedding day. My pumpkins were stolen. So none for anyone. :( Mean people.

Dot said...

I know you miss your father in law. He must have been a real southern gentleman. The Greek connection in your family is fascinating. I hope you will write about that sometime. I thought about Sweet Pea during our snow & hoped she was staying snug & warm.

Dot said...

PS Love to BJ. I knew a big 3 legged dog some years ago. The only time he had any trouble running was in the snow in the uneven terrain...but then who doesn't?