Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Saturday

Mike had an opportunity for overtime today, so he worked all day but now has Sunday and Monday off. Weatherwise, was a very nice day here, and I got to do my favorite thing of just piddling around at home. 
This girl was looking down at me from the hayloft, and she's not supposed to be in the hayloft. bad bird! but a pretty bird!

The little cockerals are back under the heatlamp now, I was just showing them the world. They liked what they saw.

We also run a retirement home for old chickens. We love Spec.

When feathered, the 9 red silkie chicks will move in with Bulli and Bebop.

Aren't the 3 boys gorgeous? They were out enjoying the sunshine today.


Charlotte Crawley said...

Enjoyed all the pictures of your animals. Thanks for sharing

Kate Evans said...

I adore all these animal pictures! And piddling around at home is lovely...I bet the animals just love it when you're around.

My dad's sister (my Aunt Mary Ann) had a chicken with one leg! It had been attacked by a fox but got away, sans leg. She took care of that sweet chicken the rest of its days.

Nekkid Chicken said...

Happy Easter Sugar