Thursday, March 7, 2013

snowstorm and American Idol

We had a snowstorm yesterday [Wed Mar 6, 2013], didn't bring so much snow but the winds were gusting at 55mph. The Town of Boone pretty much shut down. I didn't get out of my flannel nightgown all day although Mike would go out and check on the livestock from time to time.

Of course, I made soup and bread, and we watched TV most of the day - including American Idol [I don't start watching until the real talent has been pared down].  This years talent is good, but I'd rate this one below as my favorite AI performance.  I was a big Colton Dixon fan, I like singer/songwriters who sit at the piano and do their thing.

I'm really liking the new judge, Keith Urban, my thinking is in line with his. 

Colton Dixon - Love the Way You Lie (American Idol Top 7)

I want Colton Dixon and Angela Miller to hook up. She actually wrote this song but has also performed a Colton Dixon song on AI a couple of weeks ago, and I hear that Colton raved about her performance.


Kate Evans said...

Sounds so cozy...warm house, warm food, fun TV in the midst of snow. We're enjoying Idol this year too.

Mary Ann said...

I'm watching it too, Joanna... and I think the girls are MUCH better than the boys this year!