Monday, March 18, 2013

Red Silkies and Address Labels

I have 9 red silkies in the brooder. Received them last Thursday through US Mail as day-old chicks from Ideal Hatchery. This is a photo of what mine will look like when they are grown. 

We have two black silkie hens, Bulli and Bepop, but no rooster. 

If you want to read up on silkies -  

Of course, I like red critters, so I ordered the red variety. 

I got some new address labels.  And yes, I raise mostly RED Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.  Notice the conformation of the goat, that's what we breeders are shooting for.

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Mary Ann said...

Those are gorgeous silkies, the color is striking. Can't wait to see your little ones.