Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Barn Update Apr 21

Dang weatherman says we'll be getting some snow today and tomorrow, the weather has not cooperated for getting much done this Spring, has stayed cold and rainy.

Now, I know you see an old, junkie barn but you'll have to bear with us for a couple of years. In fact, if I try to look at the big picture, I start to meltdown, just have to look at it in small parts.

We now have some of the chickens at the barn, in the kennel, behind the egg-carton house. We put tarps on top but still got wet in there so we may have to come up with a Plan B.

One of the nephews is an electrician, and he did a lot of work on Friday, do you see the security light? Nephew rewired the fuse box and got other lights going, he'll come back for some more work in a couple of weeks. Thank you nephew; he saved us a lot of money.

The 4 goats are now over at the barn! Mike built the stalls off the ground.

SweetPea looks on as Mike screws in the feeder cups which will include minerals and baking soda for 'em. The goats get pellets and sweet feed twice a day plus fresh hay. Their hay rack is up on the right.

We actually own 8 goats now but only in possession of 4 at the moment. We did buy Caliente, so a 14hr roundtrip to West Virginia looms in our future.

Cahoot has to be weaned and he is only 1hr away. Boones and Cubby are Caliente's wethers, I got them just to keep her company for a while but I'll need to sell them as a pair at some point (I say that and then I'll get real attached to 'em).

looking out from the barn to an outbuilding, we may need to move the chickens up there.

The Irish Terriers, Brawn and Bliss, are officially working dogs now. 16yr old Henry gets to be retired. They have a big dog kennel in the back of the barn, has a great view. They get to run when we are there. Irish Terriers have been bred to be ratters, unfortunately, cannot mix with goats and chickens though.

Bliss in pink, and Brawn in red.

The gravel road that brings you to the barn which is sitting in the middle of 30 acres.

1/2 our poultry is at the barn and the other half is back at the house. Franklin and his girls are not at the barn yet. Franklin, our Bourbon Red tom, is VERY sensitive to change. He almost grieved hisself to death when we purchased him and brought him to our house, lost a lot of weight. Mike and I are living in an RV at a closeby campground.

The chickens at the barn are in the kennel for now. The girls are actually laying very well, sort of surprised, thought they'd go on strike.


Southern Comfort said...

I love looking at the pictures of the barn and the animals. There's a lot of promise there. Can't wait to see an update.

Alix said...

Wonderful! I love that barn. It may be just slightly weathered, but that's the beauty of it. And snugged up against that hill? Breathtaking.

Your photos continue to inspire. You definitely captured the look of the chilly weather.

Sending Florida sunshine your way honey!

Mount Belly Mama said...

Awesome! I am going to show my husband this - he will love it! He would love to have a barn like that.

Mom L said...

You must not ever have a day where you just sit back and enjoy how far you've come with your new home and farm!!! Tell Mike I'm glad he lets you include him in the pictures! Maybe SweetPea could hold his tools for him?

Good work, guys.

Teesa said...

That explains why there were so few chickens around when Sam and I went to feed them on Saturday. We already miss you so much!! But, it looks like everyone's a lot happier over there. Including Mike. :)

Becca's Dirt said...

I see a lot of work to be done but oh so rewarding. Your place looks good to me and fixing up the old barn will be work. It'll be rewarding though. Love the goat looking on as his feeder was being set up. Looking for the updates.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Looks like things are taking shape. Life on a farm is never caught up. It is something that you have to love to do. And it sounds like you are loving it all.

Deb said...

Looks like everything is coming along nicely Joanna - you and Mike sure do work hard. I also love your barn - so many possibilities :)

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

An old barn has character, a history. And you and your hubby are making even more history there. It looks like a lot of work, but that work will be so much worth it when you see your dreams unfold (and they already are). Brrr...stay warm, though!

d/iowa said...

i agree with mary- and i can't believe it is supposed to snow! it is going to be 80 here this week! what??!!

Christy said...

I can really see the potential for the area. It will be great for the animals! I can't wait to see all the goat there.

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

I know what you mean about it seeming overwhelming when you look at it as a big picture. I get that way too. You'll get it all worked out, not to worry.

Good luck with moving all the animals. It looks like they'll have more room to themselves now. It always is nice to have a big barn.

Country Girl said...

Very cool. The barn is a work in progress just like ours! Glad to see the critters, they look great!

Jennifer said...

I love the barn. I love old barns anyway, so much character. I love that you are fixing this one up! Hope the weather wasn't too bad, it sure has been a strange spring..weather wise! Here it looks like it has went straight from cold to hot with no spring in between. Oh well, I will still take the hot weather over the cold and snow!