Friday, April 24, 2009

RV, Barn, Susan Boyle thoughts

I didn't arrange things to be photo-ready, so a little messy, but here's my kitchen, I love my gas stove/oven for cooking. Quiche on the counter.

Mike and I are really comfy in the RV. A must when shopping for an RV was that I had to a kitchen because I enjoy cooking especially with our fresh eggs and goats milk.

This is my hangout corner, Mike likes the sofa. It won't be but I wish my little window would be facing the barn. Been reading the latest CountrySide magazine.

We don't have any fencing at the barn area yet but I let the chickens and Dud out for a few minutes yesterday afternoon, figured I could reel 'em back in by shaking the plastic cup of feed, and yeah that worked.

Construction in the barn, can't wait to get this mess cleaned up. Obviously I like taking photo's, and I like for things to appear photogenic. Over exposed, but large dog kennel in the rear, the dogs have a beautiful view of mountain tops back there.

Fencing supplies ready for this weekend.

Dud was a good boy, had a big time running around. He has 3 young bucklings coming to live with him, Dud loves to play so he can't wait.

I wish Susan Boyle had resisted the makeover.
Boyle, 47, became an instant YouTube and Internet celebrity after appearing on the British TV show with gray frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows and a jowly face above a remarkably unflattering dress. The contrast between Boyle's un-adorned looks and her angelic singing voice endeared her to viewers the world over.
But on Friday, Boyle appeared on the cover of The Sun tabloid sporting freshly dyed and styled brown locks and newly shaped eyebrows.
In addition to the new haircut, Boyle has also upgraded her wardrobe. Instead of the plain beige dress she wore on her first TV appearance, she was recently photographed wearing a stylish black leather jacket.
Do you remember in The Sound of Music when Mother Superior sang - Climb Every Mountain?
I thought she was so beautiful singing in the window sunlight. How heartbreaking it would have been if she had ripped off the robe and gone to get a makeover and new black, leather jacket.


Becca's Dirt said...

Susan Boyle was an instant celebrity with the voice she shared with the world. Her appearance at her audition was natural for her. I wonder how natural she feels now. I think she is a lovely lady either way.

I love what you guys are doing to the place. Soon real soon I'll be getting me some baby chicks so that I can have some chickens and goats. I've never done this before and don't know what I'm doing - but I am picking up on things looking at others blogs. If you have any advice you can email me at

The barn is coming along. I know you are very excited.

Christy said...

That is a great kitchen for a RV! My FIL has an RV and the kitchen isn't nearly as nice, his wife doesn't cook though.

Alix said...

Your photos make me smile. Inside, outside, chickens, goats, sawdust, bathtubs, barns, compost... whatever. Keep em coming.

As for Susan Boyle, I think she looks great since spiffing up, but the contrast between her real self and the surprise of her voice was also stunning. Love her either way.

Flartus said...

You sure have homey-d up the place!

We used to let our chickens run free all day; they'd come in at feeding time and instinctively when the sun went down. Is there too much wildness around you for them to be safe doing that? (Unfortunately, Mom insisted on imprisonment when they started scratching up her dahlias.)

Thanks for the update on Susan Boyle; I hope she has enough of a backbone to keep from being steamrollered by...Them.

Mom L said...

So the call of the cat food can opener extends to chickens with their own version? Cool! With Emma, it's the rattle of cellophane for some reason.

As Flartus said, I hope Susan is able to keep her natural personality intact, regardless of what others try to do to her. What an awesome voice.

Nancy in Atlanta

Jennifer said...

I love your RV, it is really nice! That hill looks like it might be a challenge to put fence up on, but once the fence is up the goats will love it!

d/iowa said...

love the rv- especially your red blender!

and SB's voice brought me to tears- was a first for me!