Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Summer in the Mountains Dairy Goat Show

There's Mike in th middle actually handling for CapraKoza because Jenna and Nicole had winners in three classes! and that doe Mike has won the Senior Champioship.

We've enjoyed showing our goats at the Shows, however, we've been having the best time with the other goat breeders especially the Nigerian -breeder folks. Most everyone else is much more experienced than us too, so we've been learning a lot.

Teena Bagwell of Gypsy Moon leaning over her goat
Mike Rudolph of CapraKoza behind her


The Judge evaluating Nicole's and Teena's does.

Photo's from the weekend show in Asheville, NC

The Goat Shows that we have been going to are Dairy Goats, not Meat Goats. The Dairy Breeds are:
Nigerian (the only mini dairy goat)
Alpine (French)

Because we have Nigerians, that's the breed I'm photographing but the other dairy breeds are represented at the Dairy Shows too.
I'd like for J-Nels to sell me Zita but no luck yet.

to the far right, that's our TootleLu, Logan bought her, and Toot will be roommates with his CocoaBean

Logan Corn of Tonto's Barn receives instuctions from the judge.

We [BooneDocksWilcox] own Beau and Cahoot and Caribou lives at Kids Corral.

Abe of Kids Corral

Duane and Caribou

Duane and Caribou

Tonto of Tonto's Barn
This upcoming weekend - Shelby. That will be it until the Fall Shows.


Louise said...

I'm glad that you're having a good time at the shows, Joanna. That is exactly the right attitude to have, whatever you're showing. Some people get so cutthroat competitive when they show that you wonder what enjoyment they get out of it.

Mom L said...

It looks like a wonderful time! Congratulations on your boys. Poor Mike - giggle - did he get mad at you for his rear end photo? Seriously, it's really great to see you enjoy these things together!!

Nancy in Iowa

Melodie said...

It looks like fun! So many beautiful goats! It would make me want to come home and buy more goats.....

IsobelleGoLightly said...

What gorgeous goats! I especially like Merry Mary! Looks like fun!

Tina said...

I love the three generation picture, what handsome fellows....great genes.
Looks like you had a great time.
As we have received two new goat on the Sanctuary farm I am really getting to know goats and what beautiful animals they really are. They have such smart looking eyes. Very very cute.

LiBBiE and RoByN said...

We are in awe of these amazing little animals. Would love to import them into Oz.

Libbie & Robyn

Flartus said...

Congrats to Beaux--he's sure got some good bloodlines, huh? How did Tootle Lu do?

I need to do a little research to learn what to look for in a dairy goat. I'm always looking at their colors to decide which ones I like best! Somehow, I think that's not what you all are focusing on, lol!

Ziggy said...

Hey what about the Alpine and Nubian breeders - aren't we any fun or good company? BTW - Alpines come in two flavors American or French (French Alpines are also know as Purebreds).

Foothills Poultry said...

Ya'll look to be having great fun and success at the shows. Congrats.


Mahala said...

This is so interesting to me, and I know NOTHING about goats! I would love to attend a show sometime just to see the different kinds and how they are judged. Maybe in the Fall you can let me know where the shows are?

哲宇皓云 said...