Friday, June 11, 2010

various Friday pics

the bucklings

If I can scrape up the $$$, will be buying her. She's red which I love and has some bloodlines I'm after.

I call this Daisy Lane of course, located above our barn.

would scare you to know the lengths I'd go to protect my Franklin

Mike fixing up another goat stall, raising the floor, in our old barn. this is the doe side, then through a gate is the buckling section, then through another gate is the buck section.
does = 2 stalls
bucklings = 1 stall
bucks = 2 stalls
and each have their own fenced land (I would say "pasture" but these are more lush, rolling, hills than I think of pasture land).
Headed out to another goat show so brace yourself for more goat-show pics.


IsobelleGoLightly said...

Lovely photos as always! Those babies have grown! And so handsome! We have broody hens here too...silly ladies. There is that Franklin! We have four Royal Palm eggs due to hatch in about five days.

Louise said...

My, the kidlets are growing fast. They are just as cute now, as when they were born. The doe is beautiful, and I hope that she comes to live at your place. She will, after all, be in goat Heaven.

And, finally, may I add that Mr. Franklin is just as handsome as ever.

dawdawsmom said...

i LOVE your daisy lane...set it as the background on my computer. i can almost hear the bee's a buzzin' from here!

John Gray said...

franklin looks just like my boris!
lovely photos as always

Flartus said...

Glad the goats didn't eat your daisies--that second picture is a beaut!

What's the point of raising the stall floors, just to get them off the cold ground in winter? Mike sure is handy; we could use a couple of him around here.

Looks like you're gonna have a lot of little fuzzy peepers running around in a few weeks! I'm gonna be all kinds of jealous again.

Ginger Bread Girl is indeed a pretty color. Tell your little goats they need to win a cash prize (or a modeling contract!) so you can bring them home a beautiful girlfriend!

Paula said...

That picture of Franklin is magazine quality! He is gorgeous! Just curious, why do you raise the floors of the goat stalls? Daisy Lane is heavenly!

flowerweaver said...

We have a Marans and Faverolle gone broody too! Franklin is looking handsome! He's always photogenic.