Sunday, June 20, 2010

meet Red Holstein

Do you remember when we were over at Kids Corral on Apr 10 and Mike helped Carol deliver this little red/white bucking? Was a difficult delivery, I was standing outside the barn because I hated the hear the Mama goat in pain. Anyway, Red Holstein now has a home at BooneDocksWilcox.

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
As of today, we bought Red Holstein from Carol and Duane at Kids Corral. Holsteins dam is Buttons and his sire is Sequoia

(I'm thinking of you Mahala, hope you're feeling better, I know you enjoy the goats).


Tina said...

Oh that cutie is precious, just like your other little goats. So adorable.

LiBBiE and RoByN said...

When you look real close, and squint a little, I'm sure that's a frog on Red Holstein's side :D

Alix said...

Joanna, I have come bowing my head in shame. I suck so bad my mouth hurts.

Gosh... it's been ages since I was here at BooneDocksWilcox and I have MISSED you and your colossal wit.

You're one of the funniest chicas I know and I adore you so. It's just that I have kind of been luke warm about blogging for awhile and have been spending time actually living and doing rather than plugged in and whiling away my life leaving blog comments.

Forgive me?

I hope so because you are so important to me. LOVE your new buckling {especially since you/Mike was instrumental in his arrival}. He's just wonderful. Wonderful, I tell you.

Hope you're enjoying him in the nice warm summer sunshine. Last time I remember belly-laughing at BooneDocksWilcox was last winter when you went down in the snow with your camcorder running.

You are a hoot lady. And so damn funny. I love you!

LiBBiE and RoByN said...

Looked again and squinted with the other eye... Gingerbreadman

Louise said...

Oh, Red Holstein is adorable! Just like all of your other little goaties. In fact, I think we need a report on how the other babies are growing, and how their personalities are developing.

Paula said...

It's official. We're family now! Our Sugar is by Sequoia. Red is beautiful. The girls thinks his pattern looks like a mitten. I tend to think it looks more like an ultrasound I had when I was pregnant! Congrats on the new boy!

Mahala said...

I am doing better and am actually going out briefly this afternoon. Still can't walk very well.
I hate to admit this, but I just don't see anything in Red's markings! Do you? Let us know what the "majority" sees. In the meantime, he is very handsome, and you are a good friend to be thinking of me.

Chicken Boys said...

I see Shrek in that pattern pic.

flowerweaver said...

Well isn't he a cutie pie!

Holly said...

I'm with Mahala, I don't see anything in Holstein's markings. Does that mean I have a poor imagination? He is adorable though and I can see why you couldn't resist him and had to take him home.

thecrazysheeplady said...

A mitten?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Too cute! Precious photos!

Love Holstein's excited mohawk, too. lol!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I was going to guess that was a little hippo peeking his head out of the water, on Holstein's side. lol!