Friday, October 29, 2010

gym, stump, deer, leaves, Brawn

We're back in the gym. A few years back, we regularly worked out at a gym but... you know how the story goes. Sorta like getting in the kitchen and cooking, I actually like going to a gym if I am relaxed and have plenty of time but I'm always running short on time, however, I do have plenty of fat, so I gotta get there somehow. I need to take some photo's 'cause the gym is very nice, all the cardio equipement has TV's with lots of channels including music. You just plug in your headphones and go. Also, the cardio machine's have FAN's which is very important for a big girl.

When I was leaving out early one morning for the office, there was a big tree stump on our road, so heavy that Mike couldn't budge it, father-inlaw cranked up the tractor and pushed it out of the way.
Glad I didn't see it but Mike called this morning to say that there was a badly injured deer in our chicken coop, poor thing had taken refugee in there. Mike said the deer had been shot in the hip/leg and couldn't get up. Father-inlaw called a friend who was coming to kill the deer and dress it out for the meat. Mike's got all our sweet goats locked up.

Can't remember what these are called, (some say they are poisionous?) but love seeing the red leaves on the hillsides around our farm.

We have a pair of Irish Terriers, Brawn and Bliss, but they won't ever pose together. No, we don't breed them. Here's Brawn looking over at the goats.


Louise said...

Poor deer. And, shame on hunters who injure and don't track down to put the animal out of its misery.

The bushes/trees are sumac. There are several different varieties. One is called poison sumac because it causes the itchies, just like poison ivy. I can't tell from the picture if that is what you have.

Jennifer said...

Looks like sumac but I am not sure. That is so sad about the deer, if she was shot in the area someone should have tracked her down. This time of year always makes me nervous for our goats!