Friday, October 22, 2010

thinking of the Henry-Haley era makes me happy

On Jan 6, 2006, Henry's photo was in our local newspaper,
The Watauga Democrat
“My 13-year-old terrier mix, Henry, is looking good for an older fellow, Joanna Wilcox said. “Whenever anyone asks, ‘What kind of dog is that?’ I reply, "A Watauga Humane Society special.” “He was adopted in 1996 and then-president Dee Dundon handled the paperwork. Dee and I have been good friends ever since.”

Henry 1993-Oct 22, 2010.
I departed for the office this morning and as we agreed, Mike put Henry to rest.
Mike and I adopted Haley and Henry from our local Humane Society in 1996. As far as we know, they weren't blood related, just looked somewhat alike. We knew different people turned them in. After adopting them, Mike and I never went anywhere without 'em, HH went to:
Busch Gardens, VA
Busch Gardens, Fl
SeaWorld, FL
DisneyWorld, FL
New York City, stayed at Broadway's CrownePlaza, loved Central Park
Washingtion, DC
Quebec City, Canada
many beach trips, bridge tournaments, etc
We just always stayed at motels/hotels that accepted pets, and HH slept in the bed with us.
This photo, is from a previous Watauga Humane Society calendar, hangs in my office.

This photo stays in my wallet. Henry on left, Haley on right.

Mike put Haley down in 2005, she was blind and diabetic. Henry hung on until now but his health had been slipping, he'd gone blind and deaf. As Mike had done with Haley previously, he wrapped Henry in a quilt, shot him in the head, and buried Henry where he had a good view of our farm.
I was just telling some girlfriends at lunch that every evening Henry got a big goodie, such as supper leftovers or peanut-butter crackers. I wasn't worried about his diet, just wanted him to have a big surprise each evening, although he couldn't see or hear, he still liked to eat.
Yesterday, something happened to Henry's left eye, like it dissolved. This morning Mike and I nodded at each other that it was time.
Anyway, I post this, not looking for sympathies, but because this blog has become my journal/scrapboook. I actually want to celebrate Henry's life.
Our Henry-Haley era is unfortunately over, they brought us so much joy, I just couldn't begin to put in to words, such wonderful memories that Mike and I'll carry in our hearts forever.
When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes thrown in my compost pile.


Tammy said...

They looked amazingly alike and it sounds like they had a beautiful life with you. I think we all know when it's 'time' although sometimes we try and talk ourselves out of it. I do the same thing with my older cat (although so far he is in pretty fair health at 13)--he gets treats and by with far more than anyone else, just because--why not? Take care of yourself, I know that it will be difficult in the next days, even though you had a wonderful life together.

Dot said...

Oh, Joanna, it's hard to type with eyes full of tears, but Ben & I know you did the right thing for dear Henry. He was a wonderful dog & gave you two so much joy. God bless you for doing the same for him.

Carol said...

I think anyone who had a pet that is not just a pet but part of the family understands how you feel. I certainly do. All of our dogs have been passed on to us by those who could not keep them.

I like the shag carpet photo.

Mahala said...

Joanna & Mike....I have a special place in my heart for Henry. I fell in love with him during Santa Paws at the Mall, when I also first met the two of you. What a joyous journey you have shared with that fine young man.