Saturday, December 11, 2010

another storm brewing, propane

Happy Holidays from BooneDocksWilcox
Today, we had the calm before the next storm. We went to town and ran errands, the chained propane truck topped us off [geez $600], got the water hose thawed out, cleaned the heated water buckets, and now the critters all have fresh water.

I made a cheaper version of these sausage appetizers from Noble Pig. The maple syrup/mustard/sage topping is great after baking into the sausages. Thumbs up. Give that recipe a try.

This is what we're in for weatherwise the next few days - frigid/windy/dangerously cold conditions, full-fledged blizzard conditions 50+ mph, 8" to a foot of snow expected. No heat in the barn. I'm wearing my big, fuzzy slippers.


Gloria said...

It sounds like you had a very busy day. Do you have to worry able the animals staying warm?
It was 71 degrees here and will only get down to about 50 tonight.
Last week it was windy & rainy, with the high of 50 & low of 27.
Since, I'm on the west coast, you may look forward for some nicer
weather coming in about a week. I know it won't be that warm for
you, as it was for me, but maybe it will be a little warmer. Than it is now. Maybe?
I know when it rains here I can watch it go across the U.S. and
it turns into snow on the east coast. That is if the wind is blowing
in the right direction.

Nancy K. said...

We're getting buried right now. I can hear the wind roaring outside and the windows on the back of the house are completely snow covered. I am not looking forward to going out there tomorrow.

Your animals all look so cozy and contented.

I wish mine were in the house!

Mom L said...

Wow - it's only about 12 degrees now, but the wind has calmed down a bit and we only have 1-2" of snow. Still remembering last year's blizzards and deep snowfall that kept me inside for a week! My one critter is safely inside, so I don't have to go to a barn....stay safe!

Nancy in Iowa