Saturday, December 25, 2010

a White and Fun Christmas

At 8:30AM this morning, we visited Jeremy. Saturday mornings is the only visitation at the jail. Too snowy for his mother, Sherry, to come from her house but it was Mike and and James and Mary there. I brought my laptop to show him my Christmas Eve blog, so he could see his kids Daniel and Nora, but the jailor wouldn't allow it. We talk to him on a telephone through a thick glass. He seemed quite depressed. We told him the kids got a lot of presents. Nora especially liked the Barbie-fake nails. You could see him imagining her.

We've had a beautiful white Christmas but don't have snow photo's yet.
Just FYI - James and Mary are Mike's parents. Mike has three younger sisters - Sherry, Sandy, and Tina (married to George, the contractor, and they have two sons, Saava and Demetre) - all live local.

On Christmas Eve, it's the immediate family for dinner and presents.

On Christmas Day, it's immediate family and some of Mary's sisters (Aldridge) and their living brother, Wade. Bernice, Jean, and Mary are sisiers. Ann is the wife of Wade.

Brandon and Richard are Wade and Ann's sons. Brandon, a fashion designer, lives in NYC and I want him to be a contestant on Project Runway.

Verleen is also an Aldridge sister. She sends delicious cakes to my workplace.

Jean's husband

We departed the Wilcoxes, (James and Mary's) and went to George and Tina's house to play poker.

Mike and George wrestled, and now Saava wrestles for Appalachian State University and Demetre wrestles for Watauga High School. Saava and the team just got back from Reno, NV.

They just live over the hill from James and Mary so we didn't have to travel far. We parked at the Wilcoxes and hiked with spikes up our road.

I'll have some white Christmas photo's tomorrow.


Mahala said...

WE have 6 inches of new snow! Snowed all day, straight down with no wind. BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the identifications on your photos. Who is Tina? Amber? Gracie? Gracie is a real doll. We don't have any family locally, so spent the day quietly, reading and talking on the phone with family and friends.
I'm glad to see the smiles on your family's faces, especially given the tragedy of the last couple of months. Blessings to all.

Louise said...

How wonderful to have so much family around you. Your Christmas looked like it was quite busy, and full.

Hope you don't get too much snow, but, if you do, hope you're all snugged in, safe and sound.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooee! I bet you all slept soundly at night. What a busy holiday spent with family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. It sounds like you all just kept on keeping on and found your smiles and joy where you could. My heart hurts for you all as I can very well understand how awfully the world has shifted. Take care and I hope the New Year will bring us all peace and joy.