Friday, December 24, 2010

deck the halls...

Our Wheaten Marans rooster died from frostbite to his comb, but our Cuckoo Marans rooster, Early, is doing fine. Benny is living on the other side of the poultry coop because Franklin and Jefferson are not welcoming him back. Poor Benny.

Playing cards down at the Wilcoxes on Christmas Eve.

Poor, humbled Cain, the red antlers are put on him every Christmas.

Deceased Heather was the mother of Daniel and Nora. Jeremy is in jail charged with double homicide. Now the kids live with Heather's mother, Jolene. Was nice to have Jolene and the kids with us.

We gave George a Greek calendar for Christmas, because George is Greek.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Joanna and to all your farm animals.
Nora has an extremely sad look on her face. I am praying for her and hope her heart is filled with peace. May all of you find peace in your hearts with the tragedy you all have recently experienced.

Melodie said...

Merry Christmas! Such a sad thing with the little one's is good to see you family together and smiling and hopefully Nora will be able to find her smile again too.Poor Bennie,maybe he will find a friend on his side of the barn!

Tina said...

Merry Christmas to you and your that's a lot of nice for you all to be together.

Peggy said...

Have a very blessed "white" Christmas. We are getting snow too!

Gloria said...

Merry Christmas Joanna, Mike and to all of your family. Looks like everyone had a great time.
Poor Benny!

Mahala said...

Joanna & Mike...what a super family gathering for Christmas Eve. Like others, I hope Nora finds her smile soon, and is able to put most of the sadness behind her. Jolene, too. Would you identify the relationships between the others? Who is Sandy? Mary? Saava? (when you haVe time, of course).
Snow has been falling here since 6 a.m. and we have about an inch so far. Beautiful beautiful White Christmas!

Flartus said...

What a tough fall your family has had...Nora and Jolene look so sad. But they are surrounded by family, and the children are obviously well-loved.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

AJ-OAKS said...

Merry Christmas to you and hubby and all the critters.
Wonderful photos.
Saava is one handsome young man!
And the little ones are adorable.
I don't know the story about the tragedy that happened, but the little ones are surrounded with love and they will be fine.
Oh, and the pics of all that yummy looking food is making me go to the fridge and rummage! :)

Paula said...

A wonderful Christmas wish for peace and happiness to you and your family! Joanna, You were interested in the chicken butchering...well, check out our latest 2 blogs!

Country Girl said...

Merry Christmas. So sorry to hear of you family situation. Prayers!