Wednesday, December 15, 2010

snowdrift,humbug, pies

Father-in-law finally got the tractor up our road, he had to back up, and then plowed. That helped us to get out this morning. Been so cold, the snow is just crunchy. In this photo, a snowdrift outside the office.
Employees at work this morning were telling me that they wouldn't like being set back so far from the main road like Mike and I are, that they would be scared and stir crazy. Yes, if we had a health crisis, would be bad, an ambulance couldn't get in, but we love it up there. At home, I don't go stir crazy, I'm content puttering around.
With each Christmas season, I yearn to just enjoy the time and not being involved in the commercialization side of it. The hustle and bustle, spending money on junk, I no longer want to partake. A coworker was just saying that he was in the WalMart line at 5:00AM on Black Friday so he could buy a flat-screen TV. I'm sitting there thinking, "I am so far removed from his world."

On my office computer - Does anybody know why I can type on the COMPOSE side of blogger but not EDIT HTML? Also, will not type on FaceBook and some of your blogs, it's weird. Need help to figure this out. At first, I thought it was a keyboard or mouse problem but switched some and that's not it.

Last night I made the ButterMilk Pie from HoeHenInn. Was good, reminded me of Chess Pie. Nobody knows how chess pie got its name but knowing how people around here talk, it was originally called Chest Pie because it didn't need to be refrigerated (contains lots of sugar), could be stored in the Chest cabinet. Looking over recipes, the ButterMilk, Chess, and Vinegar pies all seem related. Chess Pie was/is common in the south.


Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Your place sounds like a wonderful place to live.

I've never intentionally shopped on Black Friday. Some of the stories I've heard or read in the paper are appalling... how people are rude, selfish and trample others.

People spend Thanksgiving being thankful and loving. Then all that good stuff is replaced with greed the next day on Black Friday. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Hope you get your problem solved. I've never had a problem like that, so I don't have any advice.

Mahala said...

We finally got out after the plow came today around noon. We are also in a bad spot for emergencies, but love the peace and quiet otherwise. About Black Friday: I was in Hillsborough visiting my niece and her daughter HAD to get to Wal-Mart on Friday to buy Justin Bieber's newest CD. We were astonished that the parking lot was not even 1/2 full, and there were still 8 copies of the CD available!!! Maybe folks down there had finished shopping by 9 a.m. I do all of my shopping via catalog, except for Moravian cookies.

John Gray said...

thangs are getting bad with your winter over there isnt it?

Peggy said...

just love your place and all the snow. The perfect way to spend Christmas, just enjoying the simple, peaceful day without the stress. Have the goats gone sledding yet?

Louise said...

Your place is beautiful, in the snow. I'm with you, though I'm fortunate enough to be able to look out of my back windows and see wild peace, while having a main road right outside of my front windows.

I would no more go shopping on Black Friday than I would go swimming in Lake Ontario tomorrow.

A blog by the "Farmer" said...

Oh Joanna,

Just when I think it couldn't possibly get any colder at your place, I get blown-away by your next set of pictures.


I love your ideas about the holiday. I'm with ya... We do things differently at our home, too.

I'll have to give that pie a try. But, oh wait... I forgot I am a horrible pie-maker.


P.S.> I have never ever tried the tuna in a pouch. Is it good? My family loves extra big portions, so my only economical option has always been the big 4lb can.

Flartus said...

Were you happy to have your drive plowed so you could get out, or disappointed that you have no excuse to stay home now?

I'm glad to hear from another person who scratches their head at all the Black Friday nonsense. Almost all our gifts this year are homemade, preserves etc. The rest I mostly ordered off the internet. I'm doing a good job of avoiding the stores this month!

Nekkid Chicken said...


Girl, I just love your place. I can't understand the Black Friday thing either. Seems so silly and beyond my grasp. We just did internet shopping here and there. We don't like crowded places.

Glad you liked the pie recipe. It is so simple; I like mine with a crustier baked top; hubby likes his creamier. That is why I always bake two. Doesn't matter though, pies never last long around here or anything else we make with love.

Stay warm and dry,
Much love,

PS I have only 4 more sets of pre made pie shells in the deep freezer. After that, I am using the recipe you gave me. Merry Christmas ~:>