Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Photo & Reba Show

Mike's middle sister, Sandy and her dog, Cain * Mike's mother, Mary holding BarbaraJean * Mike holding JackBadger * Daniel holding Corky. Daniel is Mary's Great-Grandson and Mary has two great-grandaughters.

Have you ever seen the TV show, Reba? If not, tune in, it's a hoot. I love the big, blond BarbaraJean, she makes the show. ****************************** biggify the cartoon to see why the chicken crossed the road


Michaele said...

Oh I wish I could hold Barbara Jean!

Cat said...

Cute bunch! And I wonder if a few of my hens should see that cartoon!



Paula said...

Awesome family shot! Love it! Katie especially loved the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Great picture of the family, Everyone is beautiful including the humans ;) I love the Reba show and yes, Barbara Jean is a hoot.

Sandy said...

Good grief! Everyone is getting SO big. Even Corky. Great photos.

I can't wait for Bertha to come live with us. Then our farms will always be tied together, having both brother and sister LGD's. :)

Mom L said...

It's great to see the family photo - and all with their arms full!!!

Do you post that cartoon where your chickens can see it?

Nancy in Iowa

John Gray said...

now thats a cheerful bunch!!!