Saturday, March 19, 2011

hay and BJ

We hooked up the utility trailer before the sun came up this morning. Headed to Neva, TN (only about 22 miles away). Mike going to meet BarbaraJean and we were picking up a load of hay. As soon as Mike picked up BJ, she started peeing, note Mike's expression.

JackBadger came from Virginia, he's a "Hokie"
BarbaraJean is coming from Tennessee, she a "Volunteer"
Mike and Joanna live in North Carolina, we're "Mountaineers"
We'll be bringing BarbaraJean "home" next Saturday.
Over the next few years, on this blog, you will be witnessing JackBadger and BarbaraJean grow up together and develop into awesome livestock-guardian dogs.

while unloading hay, Mike always has more "help" than he desires


Tammy said...

Love the JB & BJ saga. I'm so glad you are getting a puppy for JB--he looks a little lonesome in some of the first few photos. They will be great buddies and hopefully will behave as they go through their puppy days.

Sandy said...

Did you save me any hay? And how was Bertha? :)

Sandy said...

Also, OMG did Barbara Jean grow over night? Mike's face cracks me up!

Brenda said...

I love the hay helper crew!

Carol said...

My kinda all those critters.

Anonymous said...

AS always I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I love your one eyed JB. I wanna hug him ;)
I LOL at the pic of your hubby picking up BJ and her peeing.
I love the hay helping crew.

Paula said...

Awesome pics!! Our group are big "helpers" too!! Is that Sweet Pea I see with the round tummy helping with the hay? Our Honey is no where near as big, but she does have an udder coming in. The puppies are beyond adorable!!!

Kelly said...

I will enjoy reading about the pups too. At least the goats clean up the mess!

Mom L said...

Poor Mike! You captured his expression, all right! Wonderful photos as always.

Do you foresee breeding BJ and JB at some point?

Nancy in Iowa