Tuesday, March 29, 2011

occupation - goatherding

I sure wish goatherding paid the bills. Yesterday, we had snow flurries and today, we had this.

I put Jack on a leash, and we hiked up to the goat girls, then I let him off leash. BarbaraJean is too young yet for hikes.

Best medicine and therapy for me is watching the goats "pick."

Pixie and Jack match.

I sat on a tree stump, and Jack was laying at my feet watching the goats. He's gonna make a great dog.


AJ-OAKS said...

It's been awhile since I've stopped by. My goodness you have been busy!
Puppies, goats, family, etc..
The pics are great!
Love Barbara Jean's name. I named a rescued donkey the same name after my Auntie.
Hugs to ya'!

Kelly said...

I was thinking about taking our goats to the woods for some browsing. Still have too much snow on the ground and more coming Friday. I love the hillside with goats. If only farming would pay the bills. It would be a wonderful life. I agree with you. Sweet pup, going to be a great goat dog.

Danni said...

I *love* days like this!
And, oh, how I envy your sun. Drink it up, Joanna! These are the wonderful days. :-)

Michaele said...

Goat hearding does pay - just not in cash. lol Looks like a nice day.

Sandy said...

I need to come get me some JackBadger lovin!!!

Nancy said...

Ah Yes! There is nothing better than hanging out with a loyal livestock guardian dog and observing goats. Jack Badger is a winner! best wishes from Northern California, Nancy