Saturday, March 5, 2011

MaggiDansMilker, SweetPea and Spirits
here's the hand-held milker, we really like it, certainly speeds up the milking process
Aunt SweetPea and her nephews, Corky and Fizz. SweetPea will have her own babies in approx a month.

If you're gonna take a nip, why not WILD TURKEY? Annually, I buy Mike some "spirits." Franklin seemed interested too.


Michaele said...

We just got our bottle babies and I am looking forward to the day the disbudding is done and over with. Auntie is smart to stay up and out of the way of those two lively kids.

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I think Franklin should be a spokes turkey for Wild Turkey alcohol!

John Gray said...

thank you so much for the info!
I think I will get me one of these!!!

Paula said...

Thanks so much for putting Maggidans Milker site up! I have been looking around for the best milking system, when we do finally have babies. There was a hand milker spotlighted in the Dairy Goat Journal (The Henry Milker) that looks virtually the same as your milker. They want $129.00!!! versus the $45. Would love to see it in action if you are milking at Teena's.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I *love* it when you start posting kid pictures!! :-)
Haaaa...turkey with the Wild Turkey, that made me snort. :-)