Thursday, July 7, 2011

as I leave to go to work this Thursday morning

Our dear one-eyed livestock-guardian dog, JackBadger, is on the job. He's 6 months old now.

 Its' all I can do emotionally, to drive away in the mornings to go to work, just want to hang with my critters.

 Poor ole BarbaraJean, we hope she is going to mature into a livestock-guardian dog rather than doing the goofy things she does such as sitting with her nose in the fence. She's almost 5 months old now.


Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

HI Joanna, BarbaraJean performs a very important function and that's a companion to JackBadger! Best wishes from Northern California. Nancy

Louise said...

Aw, but she's so cute. I hear you on the wanting to stay home instead of go to work. It's hard to leave where your heart is every day.

Flartus said...

Wow, lots of excitement up at your place! There's not much cuter than these baby Nigerians. I can sure understand your reluctance to leave; I sometimes have the same feeling and I just have one critter at home.