Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday bits and pieces

Whew, I just don't have the time to devote to a full-time job away from home BUT we need the income so I keep pushing on, but my passion is on our hobby farm.

I, rather BarbaraJean, broke my camera. Getting out of my truck, she was greeting me and her big head got tangled in the strap - camera crashing into the gravel, the gravel won.

Yesterday, I went to WalMart and bought a real cheapo Kodak. For the first pics, I was at Buttermilk Acres last night as they were moving the goats. Photo's turned out OK and the light was low.

That's their neighbor Anthony who rode in the trailer down the road holding the goats in the panels, Sandy in the green shirt, and Don did the driving.

I'm also posting for Buttermilk Acres. Sandy and Don are on a big adventure. They bought 10 acres and now going to build a house. But first, they are preparing for all their animals to live there, erecting housing and fencing. When the barn burnt down at the rental farmhouse, Sandy's camera was inside.

Thursday July 7th, Mike was in a truck accident. Was pouring the rain in Mountain City, Tn (close to home thank goodness), Mike's truck hydroplaned across trafffic. The truck went over an embankment, landing in a creek, totaling the truck, Mike crawled out on the passenger side. One car couldn't avoid him, and the driver broke his arm. Could have been much, much worse. Mike has some painful ribs, he's still moving gingerly but improving.


A blog by the "Farmer" said...

I read every day. I'm checking on Buttermilk, too. Great adventure.

The new camera looks good! Sorry about the old one.

I feel horrible for Mike's accident but so thankful he wasn't seriously injured (or any one else). It sounded horrific! Poor Mike... Please tell him that Rose Hill Farm sends their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Keeping you in our thoughts!


Mom L said...

OMG, poor Mike! I'm so glad his injuries weren't worse.

Nancy in Iowa

Flartus said...

Sending Mike my wishes for a speedy recovery! So very glad he's basically ok. That's a scary story.

Denise said...

So glad that Mike is OK. He's probably very sore though. The soreness usually hits a few days afterwards. Hope he gets plenty of rest.

I'm so jealous of Buttermilk Farm. We want to move to TN to a farm but havent got enough money saved up yet. Cant wait to see how they build their house.

Louise said...

Oh dear, that's awful about Mike. I'm so glad that he wasn't injured worse than he was. Hope he heals quickly.

Sorry about your camera, but your picture is fine. Like everything else electronic, cameras have improved so much that even the cheapo ones do more than the good ones did a few years ago.

Cat said...

Bad camera juju! Geez! I am glad to hear he had nothing worse than a broken arm after all that, that is spooky. I think the photo looks fine, though!


Mary Ann said...

I just got a new camera, too, and I think your picture is fine! Too bad about the truck, and glad Mike was not hurt worse... I have been known to put the animals before me, too! Love how you started your piece... my job gets in my way, too!

Foothills Poultry said...

I hope that Mike recovers quickly.