Saturday, July 23, 2011

We parted with some goats this week.

We had to say goodbye to some of our sweet Nigerian goats this week, always sad to see our babies go.

Wednesday: Pixie, AppalPie, and Lucy were sold to Lisa in Winston-Salem, NC. Lisa says the girls are fitting in well with her Nigerian herd.

Saturday: Gabbi, Pansy, O'Pea, Beau, and Moon Fire "Pappy" were sold to our new friends at SpruceyLaneFarm, Donna and Greg, in Mountain City, TN.

Donna and Pansy. Pansy is only  5 weeks old but Donna will continue to bottle feed Pansy for several weeks.

Maggie, Donna's Great Pyr, has been needing a job so Maggie is being introduced to her new responsibilities. Gabbi in the background, is due to have "Bordy" babies on Sept 17th.

O'Pea and Gabbi are SweetPea babies.

Donna let me know that the goats now have a nightlight, a fan, and a radio in the barn.

Donna also has a couple of horses.

Donna, Pansy, and Mike.

Back at BooneDocksWilcox, Gypsy Moon Merlot

Daughter Peach and SweetPea is her mother


Up-N-Up like his "ba-ba." Jack looks on.


Cali doesn't like goat shows so we haven't pushed the issue. Twice she has been bred to Cahoot but no doeling yet, just boys. She's the mother of Bordeaux.

Looking at the chicken coop, in the rear of the barn, we're catching rain water in the trough.

Gypsy Moon Persian Ghost "Moose"


Mary Ann said...

I always love to see pictures of your beautiful goats!

Sophie said...

That is why I can't bear the idea of having to raise and animal, then sell it away. But them I'm going to try to raise chicks and sell them... don't know how that's going to work :( Not being old enough to get a job, I need money to keep the chicken coop going.

Louise said...

It's always hard to part with the babies, but it looks like you sent all of yours off to really good homes. Hope you're surviving this heat without too much trouble.

Mahala said...

How many goats do you have now? Are you making cheese? All your goats look wonderful - and so clean! My son tells me it's not so hard to part with some animals when you have more at that so?

Jen's Farmily said...

Goats are so adorable!! And it sounds like the ones you sold to Donna will be spoiled!!

John Gray said...

saying goodbye is always a little hard eh?