Thursday, July 28, 2011

pickin' apples and coolin' off

We have several apple trees on our property. In fact, on Tuesday evening, I saw a coyote eating an apple. Tonight, we collected a couple of buckets of apples, however,  we kept topping off the buckets as the goats and Great Pyrs kept stealing the apples and eating them.

Jack is 6 months old now and already an exceptional livestock-guardian dog. Jury is still out on 5-month old BarbaraJean, she likes to be goofy.

Sure wish I had a better camera, I'm reallying missing my Panasonic Lumix.

That trough is placed next to the barn, to catch rain water from the tin roof, to be drinking water for the animals, not there for big lugs to lay in and get the water dirty. The temps are in the high 80's this week which is quite warm for our area. For those of you with Great Pyrs, do they love the water like mine do?


Kelly said...

The apples look delicious and I love the dog swimming pool.

Louise said...

That picture of the dogs in the trough made me chuckle. I would imagine that, with that fur, they do get hot. Pretty resourceful, I think.

Flartus said...

Jack looks so gentle the way he's going after that apple. I can see the goofiness in that picture of Barbara Jean! I bet she'd be my favorite. :)

Donna said...

My Great Pyrenees, Maggie, absolutely loves the water. She gets in her water bucket with both front feet, lays in the tub while she gets a bath(had to do that before taking her to the vet:)), and she sneaks off to get in the creek. Right now I am having to keep her restrained(because she broke out of her padlocked kennel cage and dug out of her pen) to keep her out of the creek and put her water just within reach because she was spayed two days ago. But I still love her.

Anonymous said...

Max is not a Pyrenees he loves the water. He has his own kiddie pool. On really hot days I find him laying in the pool several times a day.