Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Mike's oldest sister, Sherry, lovin' on BJ.

Sherry lovin' on JackBadger.

Mike's cousin, Brandon Aldridge,
lives in NEW YORK CITY,
is a dress designer for Betsy Johnson.
Although I beg Brandon to be on
Project Runway,
he says it's a career killer.

This aerial shot of property
was taken in the mid 80's.
The inlaws live near the road, and Mike and I
live up at the red barn,

Back in those days, the barn housed horses.
Mike and Tina rode in Shows.

Tina on MyMy

Mike on Big Shadow.

Mike and I used to ride Apache and Comanche
all over the Blue Ridge Parkway.

photo's from Christmas Day
Brandon, Connor, Ann


Tina and Demetre

Chad & Allison

EvaVerleen & Bernice

crazy Wade

photo of their calendar photo
Amber, Gracie, Garrick, Ellary

Chad, Allison, Wade, Bob

Sandy's dog, Kane
Kane and Jack are big buddies,
they go on long hikes together

Santa and Mrs. Claus

after the big meal, Mike and James


Chad, Connor, Brandon


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Charlotte said...

Looks like everyone had a good day. I love the old pictures of the horses. Treasured memories.