Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Love Redheads

We have 2 roosters
Bruiser and Cruiser
Cruiser is the boss.
We also have Bourbon RED Turkey's.

Tulip and her daughter, Cassie.
The tongue from the left
is also from one of her daughters, MariGold.

Cali and Ginger are not bred yet,
will wait until February, for the Fall Fairs.
Was trying to breed Rhubi to Merlot
but she hasn't appeared to come in heat.

Not related, I love redheads.

2 of Tulip's dughters, littermate sisters, Holly and Pansy.

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Cat said...

So do I, I have Rhode Island Reds. I used to have a rust colored llama as well, but haven't had that luck of late...