Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec 11, 2011 Charles & Sherry Wed

Mike's oldest sister, Sherry, got married to Charles today. They've been together a long time but just getting around to tying the knot.

Nora and Gracie

Charles, Sherry, and Pastor Tim Coffey
who is Sherry's second cousin.

James and Mary are great-grandparents and have four children
Mike, Sherry, Sandy, and Tina.
My parents have passed and I was an only child,

far left is Kelly, Scott's girlfriend.
Sherry has two sons, Scott and Jeremy.

The oldest children, the boy and the girl,
are Sherry's grandchildren, Jeremy's kids,
Daniel and Nora.
Sherry is the Great Aunt to Gracie, the little girl in the pink.

Mike's middle sister, Sandy.
Sandy is the grandmother to Gracie and Ellery.
Ruth is Mike's Aunt.

The next wedding will be Stephanie and Saava's, summer of 2012.
Saava is Mike and Sandy's nephew.

Demetre and Saava are brothers. Both are wrestlers.
Their father, George, is Greek.
Their mother, Tina, is Mike's youngest sister.

The "spread" was really good,
prepared by the gals that work with Sherry at ASU.

Bobby Gragg and Demetre

A.J., Bailey (Charles' daughter), and Charles


Species 8472 said...

That's lovely, congratulations to them.

Melodie said...

Such a happy time full of smiling faces!