Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall and 9/11

It's Fall up here, photo of the leaves were taken this morning, Maple trees tend to turn colors earliest.
"If weather stays like it has last two days, sunny days with cold nights, we will have good fall colors," An Appalachian State University biologist is going out on a limb to predict fall leaf colors. Howard Neufeld, a physiological plant ecologist who looks at environmental factors that affect plants, said September had presented a pleasant harbinger of vibrant senescence.

On 9/11, I was home passed out in bed with the head-cold from hell. Phone rang, and it was father-in-law breathlessly saying, "turn on the TV, turn on the TV." I fumbled for the remote and knocking everything off the nightstand. My brain couldn't connect the dots at all. When I finally get the TV on, trying to focus, I thought I saw a plane crash into a building, turning up the volume, the announcers are saying "oh my God, a second plane just hit the towers."

Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch had this posted and I wanted you to see it in case you aren't a regular vistor at her blog.


Alix said...

Way to trick me into another sad 9/11 post by showing me red maple leaves! You DO know autumn is my favorite season, right? Our quasi-autumn slowly rolls around for about five minutes in December. Not much fanfare and not much splendor - but I'll take what I can get. You enjoy YOUR autumn enough for the both of us, okay Joanna.

PS: The words "Quick! Turn on your TV" are generally not good news words.

To all those who were taken on 9/11, for all their friends, families, and loved ones - and for all the American soldiers, troops, and military fighting the War on Terror - I say God bless you.

Alix said...

Oh, and PS: Yes I cried at the Clydesdales!

Flartus said...

Wow, I can't believe they've turned so much already! I hope you do get a lovely treat; Miss Chef and I drove up 77 in November last year, and almost drove off the road in Virginia, trying to take it all in.

Thanks for posting the ad; I read Lisa's post at work where those are blocked, and had forgotten to go back and watch it.

So many tears today, but none at work. No mention of it at all. Which is just as sad. Glad my blog buddies are keeping the faith.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep....the Clydesdales got me too!!


Mom L said...

I watched the video on Lisa's blog yesterday, but somberly watched it again here. Budweiser's ad people did a beautiful job.

I love your leaf color! I've been watching around here to see what happens in Iowa in Autumn. Too bad all the corn doesn't burst into color! Like Alix, this is my favorite season.

Nancy in Iowa