Saturday, September 19, 2009

mostly goats

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats


SweetPea's daughter, Gabbi. She still gets a bottle of milk a day, I know, spoiled. SweetPea and Gabbi are pesty, lovable, drive-ya-crazy, can't-live-without-em pets.

The goat girls love to get on the deck and eat pumpkins.

I was trying to coax Franklin on the deck, he usually does whatever I want him to do, but he says we should all kick off our shoes and walk in the dirt.

Duffy hiding back there, and his 5 Wheaton Marans hens.

Cubby and Cahoot

Unfortunately have to end on a sad note. 4-month old TootleLu is not well. We set her on the deck this afternoon so she could move around some for her lungs.

She moves a little, and then lays down, and she was the one we called our acrobat. CoCo, her sister, looks on.

Gypsy, TootleLu, CoCo, and Franklin

TootleLu is somewhat paralyzed in the rear.

She can use her right leg a little but the left leg is dead. We are treating her for meningeal worm. And I'm drenching her with activated charcoal in case she ate something she wasn't supposed to.

TootleLu is alert but you can tell she doesn't feel good (may be due to all the worming medications I'm pumping in her). She is eating and I saw her pee so I hope she is drinking enough water.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no! How sad. Poor Tootlelu. What has the vet said about her possibly breaking a bone or injuring a ligament or tendon? After ripping my ACL I know how painful and unable to walk it can be. I hope she can be saved. Poor thing.....


thecrazysheeplady said...

I was just going to tease you about having all the goats on the porch when I read about Tootlelu. Now I'm glad she's with you where she's getting the extra attention she needs. Get well!!!

Flartus said...

Oh no! Tootle Lu was my favorite of your babies this year. I certainly hope whatever it is, isn't catching...but I guess you've done your research.

How sad, only 4 months old and already suffering. At least she's got a good, caring home where she'll get every chance to get better.

Good luck to both of you.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Hurry and get well Baby Girl!!!
Prayers for Tootlelu...LindaMay

Christy said...

I hope Tootlelu recovers soon! It is so hard when our kids aren't feeling well.

Diane said...

Not only sad for Tootlelu but for you too. I never liked it when my animals/pets get ill or hurt.
My prayers for the both of you.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Couldn't find your email address. Fortunately I have not had any trouble with this and in fact had to look it up. How scary that it is not possible to test for to know for sure and there are so many other problems with the same symptoms. Ugh. On that note, I HAVE had trouble with vit E deficiency when Keebler was a baby. I bought regular vitamins from the grocery and poked a hole in the end and added it to his bottle. Probably not what you are facing, but it did affect his back legs. Probably wouldn't hurt... Wish I had better information for you. She (and you all) are in my prayers.

Peggy said...

Love the photos! For Tootlelu please try giving her Ivermectin 1% injection BUT give it orally 1cc. The NC state vet hospital and school got me to do that when one of our goats were down. It kills lung worms and other worms faster than most worm medications. Also give her some probois paste. I know you are worried.

Gizmo said...

So sorry TooteLu isn't feeling well. I agree with Peggy! A friend of ours had to use Dectomax to stop the progression. If she's not eating much, you can try giving her some Vitamin B to stimulate her....It's like an energy boost.

Lucy the Goat said...

I hope Tootlelu gets better! I recommend some thiamine and selenium ASAP. The thiamine is a B vitamin that helps with joint and muscle contraction. It is water soluble so it is hard to overdose. The selenium is also great for joints and muscles but can be overdosed. You can get selenium and thiamine from a vet. Or you can get selenium/E gel from Jeffer's Livestock Supply and thiamine human vitamins from Wal-Mart. Good luck!