Sunday, September 27, 2009

doozy of a day

What a doozy of a day! Temp high was 65 degrees, blue skies, crisp, and a little breezy. I love Fall but rather me and old-man winter part ways, mostly has to do with caring for the farm animals, such as their water freezing.

SweetPea loves to play buttin' heads with her Mama, June. BigJune is much heavier than SweetPea who is one-year old now. I guess Calinete was the referee.

Good news! Tootlelu is better, she has a long way to go, but we are seeing her make some progess. All my second guessing about ole Dr. Beckworth was for naught. I need to take those bandages off, that was from the other night when I was trying to tape up the ankle. Instead of dragging the hoof all the time, now she is correcting some times.

Here are Toot's sister, CoCo, and her Mama, Clara.

My spoiled-rotten Gabbi and 16 yr old Henry. Later, Caliente did a head butt to Henry, getting him out of the barn area, and he said, "yes ma'me" and left.
The Pearl Guinea's got a treat of some pumkin today.

A beautiful bouquet of wild flowers.

Bourbon Red Turkeys, Franklin and Frannie.

Cahoot, Deets, Cubby - "Where's Mike? it's time for supper."

Doe girls - "Where's Mike? we're hungry."

Sundance - "Is Mike coming?"

TootleLu - "I don't hear Mike."

I found BigMike in his new recliner, watching football, and playing bridge on his laptop.

There was a happy ending, I kicked Mike out to the barn, and everybody was fed and put to bed.


Alix said...


Sorry, when you post photos of Franklin, I don't see anything else. And you know how much I LOVE your goats.

It's just a thing I can't seem to overcome. Franklin is my hero!

Anonymous said...

I am very glad to hear that Tootlelu is doing better! Love all the pictures!

Nancy K. said...

That's GREAT news about Tootlelu!

What a fun post ~ delightful photos!

thecrazysheeplady said...

Yay :-D

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Sunday was the best!!! We had company from FL and ate out on the front deck....2 more x-floridians wanting to move to the high country!!

Good news about Toot!!!


Mom L said...

Glad to see TootleLu is better! I hope this progress continues.

Bad Mike! Football instead of goats? I'm surprised they didn't raid the RV/house!!!

Nancy in Iowa

Melodie said...

I am so happy Tootlelu is getting better! I love your farm pictures.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. We should be getting some cooler weather starting tomorrow down this way.
It is good to hear that Tootlelu is feeling better.
By the way...Miracle Eve was born the very last day of Dec. and she is down to just water in her bottle. I think Gabbi should get her bottle for a good while longer too. LOL...they are some spoiled rascals, aren't they??

I read your comment to my husband (as I was laughing)and he said "see there!" He is always on me to get that big goat off a bottle.

Have a great day.

JavaChick said...

Love all the animal pictures! Those Pearl Guineas are neat looking.