Thursday, October 1, 2009

misc & Friendship Fruit Cake

TootleLu keeps improving, a little bit at a time.

She jumped in that chair by herself.

The old tiller up at the garden.


Franklin loves having his picture taken, when I get the camera out, he comes running and gobbling.

Pearl Guineas

Our home and the barn on the left.

chickens eating chicken

Wheaten Marans. Duffy and his 6 girls.

Franklin leads the pack

I started out raising Salmon Faverolles and still have a few girls, and will always have some because they are so cute. They lay eggs when they "feel" like it.

The one in the back is a squash. I think in some countries, squash and pumkins, they are all called pumpkins, just different varieties. Did you read about Suzanne's Spiced Cushaw Squash Pie today? Sounded awesome.

Still dieting but slow go. I've stuck with it except when a friend brought over a WHOLE homemade Friendship Fruit Cake last night, omg. I didn't eat nearly as much as I would've liked, I quickly sliced it up and shared it with others to get it out of the house. In fact, I got it outta here so fast, I forgot to take a photo, and it was very photogenic! Google for the recipe, would make great gifts.


Flartus said...

I really enjoyed looking at your pictures this morning. You must enjoy your animals & life very much to document it all in such detail.

My dad told me of an old wives' tail that if you feed chickens chicken they will turn cannibalistic. I guess you're not an old wife, eh? :)

It's funny that Franklin likes to have his picture taken. Rosie always turns her head away with a resigned look when I point the camera at her!

Melodie said...

I love your farm.I can't wait for my BR turkeys to get as big as Franklin!
Our chickens eat everything,I always wonder if,for some reason, we passed out in their yard they might eat us too!Yikes!

Mom L said...

Delightful visit today! I'm so glad TootleLu is doing better - she's a doll. All your goats are cuties!

I was also curious about the chickens eating chickens - huh!??? But I remember the tragedy in my nursery school room one year when I had gotten fertilized eggs to hatch for the kids. Had 2 batches in a large aquarium, separated by just a cardboard divider. The older ones hatched first, but when the "younger" eggs hatched, the older chicks busted through the divider and killed/ate all but one of the new chicks. It broke my heart - I had rigged a heat lamp, turned the eggs, and looked in on weekends to make sure they were OK.


JavaChick said...

Glad TootleLu is getting better.

I remember seeing my dad use a tiller like that in the garden. He may still use a tiller like that, I'm just not home to see it these days. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved all your pictures! It is so cute how franklin lets his pic get taken: )

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

A fruit cake, eh? Sounds dangerous!

I'm glad to read that Tootlelu is improving.
Your Salmon Favorelle is gorgeous! They sound a lot like my Polish hen. She lays when she feels like it, too. I think the prettier chickens are just divas!


word verif: fansivel

Your Salmon Favorelle is a fansivel chicken.