Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daddy Bday, John Adams, fundraiser

For the Fall leaves, this is the peak weekend in the NC Appalachians but we haven't seen any sunshine for days, been cold and damp, gonna dip below freezing tonight.

The leaves-peak weekend, is usually on Daddy's birthday, today October 17th. Had he lived, he would have been 80 years old today, born in 1929 during some very tough economic times. Daddy was proud to be a veteran and I used this picture in his obituary 5 years ago.

William Edward Davis

We're watching JohnAdams, which was a HBO 7-part series. Here is a review - ... this handsome miniseries is praiseworthy on many levels -- as history, as entertainment and as a way to bring to life for new generations a sense of the sacrifice and heroism needed to establish the U.S. It also is a badly needed reminder that television is capable of so much more than it delivers most of the time, that it can be a rich and rewarding experience.

This morning, Mike and I helped out at a breakfast fundraiser for our local Humane Society. Here is Rachel ready to take your order.

Applebee's donated their facility, the food, the cooks, and a manager, and we got to keep 100% of the take, a big thank you to Applebee's, and they invited us to do it again. Below is Mike, Lee, Wendy, and Claudia. Or group served, buses tables, greeted customers, and raised awareness for homeless animals, And we had a lot of fun.

Wendy, Lee, and Mike


The back of Claudia as she serves a table. Actually she is waiting in some fellow Humane Society members - Mahala and Jack.

Claudia and JoEllen

Our Appalachian State Mountaineers were on TV this afternoon and came from behind to win the football game.
I'm going to the Ortho Dr Monday morning, same guy that put my left ankle back together, I have a right shoulder ailment, and for all his education, he'll be happy to know that I, Miss Type A, has already diagnosed the problem :-) bone spurs. My GP had been giving me cortisone shots in the shoulder but now I'm surrendering and going to Ortho Dr. I'm thinking he will be suggesting surgery. :-(


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Any snow at your house?....had a few small flurries up melted as it hit the ground....:(


ps....congrats on fund raiser!!

Flartus said...

Happy B-Day to your daddy! It's like all the trees put on a show in his honor every year.

There's something fun about working in a restaurant, but I'd much rather do it every once in a while than Miss Chef's every day slog. That was a really cool idea to raise money (I happen to be wearing one of my own HS shirts as I read this).

We're heading to the NC State Fair today; looking forward to lots of farm-related fun. Good luck with Dr. Ortho; maybe he'll have a surprise in store for you that doesn't involve surgery.

Melodie said...

Your daddy sounds like he was a good man,good character.

We just dream of snow here.It snowed one night last year,first time in 8 years I think.Everyone stayed up all night to enjoy it!

Da Bean said...

Yaaaa!!! I'm glad your fund raiser went so well

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Fundraisers are always a good thing ! I keep hearing praise for the John Adams series, and it's now on my list of must see tv things- I think our library carries the dvd's. And Happy Birthday to your daddy- mine would have been 71 this year, but his older brother just turned 83. Lots of wisdom from those folks.

Mom L said...

Your Daddy was a handsome man!!!
Mike looks good, and it looks like everyone had fun at the fundraiser, workers and customers!

Good luck with the ortho doc. I'm seeing one for my knees - have another appt. Thurs.

Nancy in Iowa

Jennifer said...

What a nice picture of your Dad. He sounds like he was a very good man. Wow, that was very cool of Applebees to do that! Next time we go to a larger city that has one we are going to eat there just for that reason. That is really great of you to volunteer to help out a charity too. Looks like it went well.

The Crazy Woman Inside Me said...

What a handsome young man your dad was. :-) The fundraiser sounds like a wonderful cause. I really enjoyed looking at all your great photos!

Pricilla said...

Looks like you all had fun and for a great cause!

Anonymous said...

I can see Mike's weight loss. Don't tell him I said so...LOL. You know how they do?!

We have had some hard frosts here, and freezes as well. The past couple of days have been a bit nicer.