Friday, October 9, 2009

my first try at video

Any help would be appreciated.
How long does it usually take to load a video? A really long time?
From digital cameras, is there a way to stop and start without ending the video?
Or how would I piece together several video's?


thecrazysheeplady said...

Okay, that whole thing was hilarious. Um, how old is that bottle baby? A little spoiled perhaps ;-). The tail was too cute though. Your video commentary was funny as well. And Tootle Lu looks good. Is she okay now or do I have my goats confused? If you figure out how to splice videos together, let me know. There may be something in your camera's directions that talk about it.

Gizmo said...

They were wonderful! I loved your commentary too! My husband said I'm not allowed to have Gabby. ;) She looks GREAT...getting big!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your videos! I cant really help you out because i am as clueless as you are : ) I look forward to more videos!

Melodie said...

I loved the videos!I am so happy to see Tootle Lu looking so good!We bottle fed our first two baby goats,so much fun!
I can't offer any advice on video,I am technologically challenged,I have to get The Boy to do things like that for me!

Mom L said...

Sorry - no help here! I can't even take still pictures with my digital without blurring them! I do have video capability because I accidentally made one one time - horrid!

Yours were great, funny, and very well done for a beginner! Love Gabbi, the little pig. I'm glad TootleLu is walking so well.

Nancy in Iowa

Flartus said...

How great to hear your voice! And the chickens...sure can be noisy at your place, huh?

Yes, it does take for-EVER to upload video. I gave up the first time I tried it.

As for splicing together different clips, I think you need specific video-editing software for that. And THAT is all I know! (or think I know...)

DebH said...

That was a hoot!! You did great and the videos are on your I think you have the idea! I started with posting to youtube and then linked,,because I was afraid it was taking sooo long. I do not recall how I stumbled on getting the video on my blog, but I do not know enough about the Type of file it needs to be converted to in order for faster loading. Trial and error is what I seem to do best!! Good luck but I loved what you showed already! :)