Thursday, October 8, 2009

missing my butter & starvin' Fridays

Poor Scarecrow Girl. A pigail is all that remains. She has departed this world for scarecrow heaven.

While we were gone to our jobs, Scarecrow Girl got blown to the ground by the wind, and she became terribly mutilated by "predators." See photo below.

This was dinner tonight. Side note - Mike calls "dinner" supper and calls "lunch" dinner. We've never talked the same language.

Anyway, we're on the: Joanna's-not-cooking-anymore diet. Being a red-blooded southern girl, I am unable to only cook for two. It's in my genetics to be prepared to feed all family, friends, strangers, and homeless animals who may arrive at the door. Also, anything I'm cooking begins and ends with butter, real butter. My caloric downfall has never been sweet's and soda's but butter.

Tomorrow is "starvin' Friday," Mike and I have weigh ins on Saturday mornings, so ya have to eat light in hopes to get a good number.


Gizmo said...

I bet those predators put on their best innocent face too.
Mike must be from out DH's family in South Dakota says the SAME thing.
Good luck at weigh-in. I hope Starvin Fridays work for ya. :)

Alix said...

I am sooooo proud of you and Mike! It gets better, trust me. After awhile, you actually enjoy eating healthier. The starving part is never fun though. Good luck at your weigh in!

jaz said...

well, scarecrow girl died for a good cause. this is just too funny!!!!

Peggy said...

We didn't get any of that wind but several friends had it. One chased their trash can down the road. Hope your scarecrow girl found a new home. LOL Have a b;essed week

Anonymous said...

At least Scarecrow Girl was recycled!

We say dinner for lunch and supper for supper down here too.

Good luck on the diet. I am still trying on mine too.

Have a great weekend.

Mom L said...

You and Mike rock!

And your "predators" are awfully cute....


Flartus said...

RIP, Scarecrow Girl. You brought smiles to our faces, and contentment to certain tummies. Too funny; life with goats requires a lot of patience and humor, I guess!