Sunday, December 9, 2012

a trip to Four Legs Good Farm

This morning, we took a new adventure to Four Legs Good Farm.
If you're a goat, it doesn't get any better.

The trip was an excuse to see how Tulip's spring 2012 daughter's were doing. I always like to sell in pairs, hoping they get to be companions for life. Lee Ann reports that you don't see one without the other.
They're gorgeous, but I don't pretend to be objective, I've got the Grandmother mentality.

I love the Four Legs Good Farm setup and all the future plans.

A week ago, their doe, Hershey, had triplets. Mike disbudded the kids, not a fun job but read the link to understand why it's so important. Scroll down to DISBUDDING.
I LOVE, LOVE Jackie Clay and have tried to read every word she has ever written.

Lee Ann of Four Legs Good Farm.

Carmel says she wants to be a Mama again.

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Four Legs Good said...

Thank you so much for the morning trip to Four Legs Good! You made a nervewracking experience of disbudding our first babies so calm! They are doing great tonight - like nothing even happened. I'm so glad that Carmel and Bordy are "getting along"!!! Oh I think they will make some very cute babies!!! Again, we so appreciate your willingness to mentor us and help us care for these wonderful goats! I'm glad you got to see Lulu and Dolly again too! Sincerely - Lee Ann Ferguson, FLG Farms