Thursday, December 6, 2012

goat vaccinations

Didn't take any photo's, but we took 16 goats to the Vet's office this morning. They got their CD&T, and BoSe injections. Also, BarbaraJean had staples removed.

Tetanus toxoid – provides long term protection against tetanus (deadly if untreated) which is caused when a wound becomes infected with tetanus bacteria (these bacteria live in all soil).

Enterotoxemia vaccination – enterotoxemia is a condition where bacteria normally present in the goat intestinal tract grow uncontrollably. It occurs when movement of food through the intestines slows because of overeating of grain, spring pasture, milk, or milk replacer. It often occurs in spring after goats bloat from eating too much new spring growth, and is commonly referred to as “overeating” disease (also deadly if untreated).

BoSe – this is a selenium and vitamin E booster commonly given to goats residing in selenium deficient areas. It is necessary to maintain muscle tone in adults, and prevent “white muscle disease” in kids.
changing the subject - I like this diagram of layers for growing some produce.

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