Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Cold

I've been down with a cold. It's been cold and I've got a cold.

I never pick up a cold myself. Mike will come down with a one and I get it. I was weak from the colonoscopy prep anyway, Mike had a cold, and my immunity system just caved in.
We haven't gotten much snow but we've had harsh winds mixed with cold temps. The critters have been in the barn and I've been under the covers. Sounds like another round of winter is arriving tonight. 
Clouds increase this afternoon and tonight. A wintry mix of rain/sleet/freezing rain/snow develops by midnight tonight lasting into Saturday morning. The mix will change to all snow before ending Saturday morning. We'll have a break Saturday afternoon. Then colder air rushes back in with snow showers Saturday night on blustery NW winds. 


Julia said...

Your guineas are just lovely! I hope you feel better soon - nothing worse than starting the new year off with a cold!

Tammy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Just wanted to tell you I saw your picture in Countryside Magazine. I think was Holstein and Halle. Anyway, when I first saw the picture, I thought that sure looks like BooneDocks stock! ha And sure enough it was.
Good job!