Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Demand Performance

Bordy is in demand again. This time, servicing two alpine does. Can you see the smile on Bordy's face? Alpines are the standard-size dairy goat and we raise the Nigerian Dwarf's.
Alpine goats are a popular species of dairy goat valued for the steady temperaments and high volume of milk production. Each Alpine goat typically produces three to five quarts of milk each day (4 quarts make a gallon).

Here's a good link about dairy goats -

Although Nigerian's can't produce the serious amount of milk that Alpine's do, our herd comes from strong bloodlines bred for udders and conformation. So, Bordy should produce some very nice "mini-Alpine" babies.

Look at that stance, and body on Ancho, whew! He's gonna be something. Bordy and Ancho are 1/2 brothers.

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