Sunday, January 6, 2013

Potato Soup

Mary Ann of  said, "it appears that you will need to download either Google Chrome or Firefox."  Thank you Mary Ann, now I can post photo's again! She said that the uploading would be faster to and whoa it is.

Saturday was a nice winter's day.  Here are the photo's. Our goat girls were out there somewhere but must be out of sight.

The Alpine girls are still here visiting/getting bred on the bucks side of the barn. They're real sweet girls, you can tell they gets lots of attention at home.

Do you remember Wally, the Blue-Laced-Red Wyandotte? That name didn't stick, we call him Blue Boy now.

Mike has completed some projects on his to-do list - fixing the gate, patching the barn roof - along with his usual barn chores.

No, BarbaraJean is not dead. That's her way of guarding the top of our road,

The terriers spent some time in the dog kennel on Saturday. 

Today, I made a good  potato soup, mostly following Ree Drummond's recipe.     
I say mostly, because I didn't have any celery or bacon but I topped the soup with Hormel's bacon bits and I added sweet pea's.  I add sweet pea's to almost everything.
We're watching the Redskins/Seahawks playoff game. I was raised on the Redskins, wish my parents were here (alive) and we could watch 'em together especially now that the Redskins have a good team. 

I really appreciate your support about yesterday's post, I really do, it helps to be around reasonable-thinking people. I can't talk to Mike much because if I let on that I'm upset and sad, then he gets upset and sad.  Tomorrow, I head back to dysfunction...

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