Sunday, January 13, 2013

Italian-Wedding Soup

Italian-Wedding Soup is a soup with a lot of fans. The spinach, garlic, mini meatballs and tiny pasta are the perfect marriage of flavors and texture in the mouth. Interestingly enough the term “wedding” was a mistake in translation of sorts. It was in reference to the flavors blending well, not that it was served at weddings. The history of this italian recipe originated in Spain where the heavier version contains more meats. It wasn’t until pasta became more affordable that it was added to this fantastic Italian-Wedding Soup.

I used this recipe
with a tiny bit of my tweeking.
Also, if I'd had some white wine on hand, I would have added some in. 
Mike especially loved the little meatballs. I sauteed 'em prior to putting them in the soup pot.

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